Hello, Tori

TWIST Creative Inc. 09.01.23

Meet Tori, Graphic Designer

TWIST is expanding its design capabilities with a new creative mind on our design team. Fearless Thinker Tori Reibenstein has welcomed the creative agency life with open arms, putting a “Tori-twist” on everything she designs.

“Tori is bubbly, bright, creative, and has a really great sense of humor. She’s a perfect fit for our team.” — TWIST Chief Creative Officer Connie Ozan

Tori’s fresh energy translates into her design work — inspiring both writers and designers on the team. That, paired with her ability to seamlessly collaborate and take initiative, has already been essential to our client projects.

“Tori is attentive to client needs and her unique, interesting sketches and designs show that,” Creative Director Monina Wagner says. 

From grabbing lunch with the team in Tremont to brainstorming ideas during meetings, it feels like Tori has always been a part of our environment.  

Tori holds a degree in Graphic Design, having graduated from Bowling Green State University. She first learned of TWIST in a sophomore design class and has been a fan of the agency ever since.

“A teaching assistant was showing my class random agencies she liked, and TWIST was one of them,” Tori says.

“I loved the work and knew TWIST was a place I wanted to be part of.” — Tori Reibenstein, Graphic Designer

TWIST had our eyes on Tori too, first meeting her a year ago. With an open position on the design team, the Fearless Thinkers reconnected with Tori, knowing she would be a great fit for the agency.

Tori comes to TWIST with a background in publishing for an in-house design department. Now, she’s made the transition to Cleveland’s Brand Agency, tackling a mix of project types for a range of clients. She enjoys conceptualizing and designing exciting creative for our clients and says she’s learning to have fun with design again.

“I’ve enjoyed challenging the right side of my brain with the help of the design team to further develop my skills critically and creatively,” Tori says.

Her right brain is already in full creative mode as she dives fearlessly into new projects, embracing new design challenges with a positive spirit. Her passion for her work continues to inspire and energize the team every day.   

Please help us in welcoming Tori to the growing TWIST team!

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