Brand 101 from the TWIST Brand Experts

Charlene Coughlin 24.06.20

Brand 101 from the TWIST Brand Experts

You’ve heard the word ‘brand’ a few times and maybe you’ve even started to consider about building your brand strategy for your company or team. Now more than ever, your brand matters.

When thinking about your brand, you should be: original, interesting, confident, beautiful, disciplined, kind, caring, genuine, sustainable, accessible, useful, conscious, intelligent, relevant, principles, a contributor to culture, a problem solver and a bringer of joy. Be a brand that matters.

Your brand should: instill confidence, impact culture and inspire devotion.

What is a brand?

A brand is not a logo, a brand is a central governing principle that:

  1. Embodies your spirit, values and character.
  2. Is a benchmark for all decisions.
  3. Is the one thing that customers or consumers internalize, remember and reference when making a choice to engage with your products and services.
  4. Informs the way you do business, communicate and perform.
  5. Is your promise to your customers, employees and community.

A well orchestrated and authentic brand will:

  1. Instill confidence, inspire devotion and impact culture.
  2. Truly matter to those who engage it, they will trust and value it. It will not be perceived as interruptive advertising, but a helpful and welcomed part of daily life.
  3. Equally an inauthentic brand, one who breaks its promise will become broken itself. We are all stewards of the brand.

What makes a strong brand work?

In order for your brand to work effectively, many things must happen, including:

  1. Your message must be simple.
  2. The visual elements must be engaging and consistent across all mediums.
  3. All brand stewards must speak with a single voice.
  4. You must have a robust, reactive and thoughtful marketing program that stimulates the market and responds to feedback.
  5. Your brand message must be clearly communicated across all mediums.

Looking for a few examples:

  1. Bomba Tacos & Rum
  2. CHN Housing Partners
  3. Northwest Hardwoods
  4. Original Mattress Factory
  5. Saint Ignatius
  6. Sisters of Charity
  7. Storm Power
  8. White Dove Mattress

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Brand 101 from the TWIST Brand Experts

You’ve heard the word ‘brand’ a few times and maybe you’ve even…
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