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Mike Ozan 11.04.24

The Crucial Role of Customer Research in Defining a Brand's True Market Position

For businesses and causes of all sizes the ability to accurately locate a brand’s true market position is a strategic imperative. To achieve growth and success, understanding the awareness and perception of a brand is paramount. After all, you can’t get where you’re going if you cannot locate where you are. This is where comprehensive customer research comes into play, providing the necessary insights to chart a course from a brand’s current market position to its envisioned or strategic growth position.

The Significance of Customer Research:

Customer research is the GPS that guides businesses through the complex terrain of the market. It involves delving deep into the minds of current clients, past clients, influencers, and prospective clients to unravel the intricacies of their perceptions and attitudes towards a brand. By doing so, businesses can gain a clear understanding of their standing in the market and make informed decisions to drive success.

Why It Matters:

  1. Accurate Awareness Assessment: Customer research allows businesses to gauge how aware their target audience is of their brand. It answers questions like, “Do people recognize our brand?” and “What is the level of familiarity associated with our products or services?”
  2. Perception Analysis: Understanding how customers perceive a brand is crucial for shaping its image. Customer research digs into the emotions and opinions tied to the brand, uncovering strengths to be capitalized on and weaknesses to be addressed.
  3. Strategic Growth Planning: Armed with the insights gained from customer research, a brand can strategically plan its growth trajectory. From identifying areas of improvement to capitalizing on competitive advantages, the data obtained sets the foundation for future success.

The TWIST Brand Awareness and Perception Survey:

Creating an effective survey is key to obtaining meaningful data. Here are the steps we at TWIST take in the development of a survey that captures insights from current clients, past clients, influencers, and prospective clients:

  1. Define Objectives: TWIST begins by clearly outlining the objectives of the survey. What specific information are you seeking to gather? Whether it’s brand awareness, customer satisfaction, or market trends, having defined goals ensures a focused approach.
  2. Identify Target Audiences: Our research team tailors the survey to different segments of your audience – current clients, past clients, influencers, and prospective clients. Each group may have unique perspectives that contribute to a holistic understanding.
  3. Craft Relevant Questions: We design questions that align with your objectives. Use a mix of closed-ended and open-ended questions to gather quantitative and qualitative data. Ensure clarity and simplicity to encourage maximum participation.
  4. Consider Survey Channels: TWIST chooses appropriate channels for survey distribution. Whether it’s email, social media, or direct outreach, select channels that resonate with your target audience to maximize response rates.
  5. Ensure Anonymity: We encourage honest feedback by assuring respondents of the anonymity of their responses. This fosters transparency and ensures that customers feel comfortable sharing their genuine opinions.
  6. Pilot Testing: Before launching the survey, we conduct pilot testing with a small group to identify any potential issues with question clarity, survey length, or response options. This helps refine the survey for optimal results.
  7. Analysis and Action Planning: Once the survey is complete, analyze the data meticulously. Identify patterns, trends, themes and areas of improvement. We use these insights to develop an action plan that aligns with your brand’s growth objectives.

In the dynamic world of business, customer research is the compass that guides brands towards their true market position. By understanding awareness and perception through well-crafted surveys, businesses can navigate the path from their current standing to strategic growth, ensuring they reach their destination with precision and purpose.

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