5 Tips to Grow EdChoice Admissions

TWIST Creative Inc. 07.07.23

Ohio EdChoice Changes Are Coming – Is Your School Ready?

Private Schools and Faith-Based schools have an opportunity to engage now with more students than ever before. The Ohio EdChoice Grant provides students and families with the opportunity to select the right school for their needs. Recent changes to the Ohio EdChoice Grant has extended this opportunity to more families for both elementary school and high school students. In order to best prepare for the changes — as well as to grow admissions and reach families eligible for the Ohio EdChoice Grant — use these five tips to prepare your admissions department and your school overall!


Build Your Brand

How you present your school’s brand is important as parents and students are evaluating their school options. What’s the thing that makes you different and special? What messaging is driving interest in the school? What are the values that bring families in the door? 


Create Consistency

Whether it’s your social media accounts, your admissions staff, or the teachers in the classroom; everyone should be speaking the same language. Share your brand strategy with all key team members who help to assist with or impact admissions.


Use Ambassadors

Teachers, parents, or alumni have had an experience with you that they are willing to share. Word of mouth is always a strong driver of admissions and third party endorsements become key as you look for new admissions.


Get Social

Whether we want to admit it or not, most people are active on one or two forms of social media. Reach your audience by using hashtags, tagging your partner organizations, and utilizing location markers. 


Assist with Tuition and Admissions Process

Admissions and tuition can be overwhelming for families. Create an easy application process and talk to your families about opportunities for grants, vouchers, and other scholarships offered.

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