Crunch That Zig-Zag Crust

Cleveland's Neighborhood Pizzeria vs. The World

Local pizzerias nationwide have been taking a real beating. In the pizza business you compete against national chains who outspend you in your own market. Additionally, brands like Pizza Hut, Dominos and Papa John’s have been heavily investing in digital tools and cool gimmicks to make their pizza easier and more fun to buy. That’s why we positioned Zeppe’s product as not a “pizza” but rather as an “Authentic Italian Pie” that you can get at a “Pizza Price.” And we gave Zeppe’s an analog innovation of their own: The Greeting Card Pizza Box. Zeppe’s new online ordering system gave us as advertisers an opportunity to present the brand to a younger audience. TWIST built elaborate social content strategies and leveraged blogger relationships to push the buzz and the orders up. TWIST helped the brand raise awareness, reintroduce to former customers and realize a 400% increase in online orders.

“This campaign raised awareness, re-engaged former customers and acquired new customers via a new online ordering system. In three months online orders grew to nearly 20% of total revenue.”

– Mike Ozan, TWIST CEO and CCO

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