The Power of a Permanent Address.

The Power of a Permanent Address

CHN Housing Partners, formerly Cleveland Housing Network, has been in the real estate business for over 30 years and considered a pioneer in the market. With an opportunity to expand services and footprint, CHN Housing Partners partnered with TWIST Creative, Inc. to determine an appropriate positioning, brand story and identity to move the organization forward, while still holding onto the equity of the brand.

TWIST and CHN Housing Partners worked together to determine an appropriate roll-out of the refreshed rebrand, including new identity system. As CHN Housing Partners has multiple target audiences, TWIST worked to determine how each audience would be reached through a multi-channel approach including a comprehensive website that not only share specific services but also told the brand story through copy and an Emmy-nominated brand documentary featuring a family from CHN Housing Partners.

“CHN Housing Partners had never told their own story – and it’s an impressive story with more than 30 years of innovating the nonprofit housing market for Northeast Ohio. We wanted to bottle up everything that was special and unique and make it easy to understand for all of their target audiences.” – Michael Ozan, CEO TWIST

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