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Why not make dairy-free fun to be?

Pure Foods is an innovator in the specialty food movement focused on providing better for you substitutes in consumers’ favorite categories. The company had recently acquired a locally distributed, small batch product line named Red Lotus which offered six remarkable tasting dairy product alternatives to spreads, cheeses, topping and dips. Together with Pure Foods, TWIST built a brand platform that would provide support for the current line but also allow room for expansion of product lines.

Pure Foods sought to own a seat at the table in the consumers’ dairy-free lifestyle. The Dairy Free Co. brand was created to offer its products instant category leadership and to bring clarity and casualness to the category that countered the pretentiousness of key competitors’ approach.

A diet movement, with clearly documented health benefits, dairy-free is set to outpace gluten-free. That’s why TWIST was so excited to help Pure Foods “make dairy-free fun to be.”

dairy free packaging

The TWIST Strategy team identified "lessertarians" as our core target audience. A group of health conscious consumers who were not devoted to a particular diet, but sought to have "less" of ingredients that they deemed to have negative health effects.

We Make Dairy-Free Fun To Be

  • dairy free packaging
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