A man should be as true as the wrench he carries. Mine’s a Ridgid.

Fortifying a classic brand’s core positioning in anticipation of emerging competitors

As a competitor readied an innovative new product line to compete with Ridgid’s core plumbing contractor business, the brand tapped TWIST to develop a special campaign that would serve to reinforce long-time customers’ devotion to the brand and its core products.

TWIST established and built a brand campaign showcasing the quiet strength product and its user. The campaign leverages paid, owned and earned media to build the brand pride that their current customer feels for the brand, but also endears the future customer/tradesman to the brand.

The RIDGID brand and the RIDGID man both live by a code. It's a set of values that has transcended generations. From Father to Son, this is a heritage brand, it is handed down.

The Wrench.

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