Life Lessons Included With Admission

How do we get Moms to choose the Hall?

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is on the bucket list of every die-hard NFL fan. But those fans are typically not the ones who plan the spring breaks and summer road trips that the Hall relies on. As the Pro Football Hall of Fame experience extends from a Hall to a Village, Moms will matter more than ever.


TWIST analyzed the Hall and identified its audience segments. The team, through secret shopping and one-on-one conversations
built a series of value propositions which were leveraged into a new tagline and key message platform. The end result is a bifurcated campaign that is capable of telling emotional stories and leveraging the exhibit of the moment.

“I want everyone to know that The Pro Football Hall of Fame is the most inspiring place on earth.” – David Baker, CEO Pro Football Hall of Fame

Even when dad and I couldn't talk, we could always talk football.

A Strategy to Attract More Than Fans

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