It's not a campaign. It's a community.

With millions being spent to address infant mortality statistics TWIST asked: Has anyone talked to Moms?

TWIST was engaged by the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland to conduct research, build a strategy and execute a communications platform intended to reduce infant mortality incidences in the Cleveland neighborhoods of Slavic Village, Kinsman and Central. The TWIST team leveraged focus groups and one-on-one conversations with moms and moms-to-be in these neighborhoods to discover what their awareness was of safe sleep, pre-natal care and other contributing factors to infant mortality. We found that they were all well educated in the statistics and its causes but what they longed for was connection, support and community. The TWIST plan leverages social media to create connections between moms, grandmas and clinicians. The Foundation now even employs some of the moms as content contributors.

“We spent a lot of time with this amazing group of women, they educated us and it was they who created this campaign, we used our expertise as an agency to facilitate it.” - Mike Ozan, Chief Creative Officer

The campaign team combined TWIST team members, Sisters of Charity Foundation team members, clinicians and moms.

“It’s better to let your baby cry for 10 minutes, than you cry for the rest of your life.” – Belinda McPherson

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