Healthcare is not our business. It's our mission. That's the Miracle of Mercy.

Mercy Medical Center in Canton, Ohio has been in a small market standoff for decades. Their competitor is a full fledged and growing health system with a multitude of regional assets and progressive architecture. We know that image matters so much when it comes to selection. Patients are looking for top docs and top tech. Mercy has a perceived strength in one and growing strength in the other. The Fearless Thinkers laid a groundwork by reinvigorating the equity from the founding sisters who are still active and beloved. We then moved forward to showcase the talent in a very warm but modern portrayal that creates a strong advanced tech impression.


The Hospital founded by women approaches healthcare differently.

Our primary audience is the healthcare decision maker. She is a woman 25 to 60 and she makes decisions for herself, her children, her parents and her company.


Using our TWIST Labs created persona we were able to focus campaigns and budgets where they mattered most.

A patient journey is a high stakes set of choices being made by healthcare consumers. TWIST focused on a strong patient influencer persona to drive patients down a more guided path by encouraging them to find a consistent primary care physician.

Understanding and communicating to patients the value of a Medical Home.

Women make the majority of healthcare decisions. For themselves (94%), their spouses, their parents, their children (59% of decisions made for family) and their companies (90% of VPs of HR are female).

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