Securing Cryptocurrency Exchanges & Government Agency Communications

The Brand Hypothesis: If we can make cryptocurrency exchanges insurable as bank accounts then cryptocurrency becomes safe for the masses and provides an equal opportunity to participate in this new prosperity engine.

If cryptocurrency exchanges and private wallets were perceived as secure, crypto markets would be widely embraced and exchanges would witness lightning fast growth. In fact, they’d be insurable and on a fast track to the mainstream. Hoyos is at the vanguard of securing global cryptocurrency exchanges and will carry the flag for the universal adoption of the emerging digital asset economy. As the provider of the highest order of protection, it is incumbent upon Hoyos to evangelize the necessity of biometric blockchain security to further advance the crypto movement. We are the paradigm shift. We protect the new prosperity.

The TWIST brand design team rebuilt the Hoyos brand to better match the product’s direction–a series of biometrically secure devices. But it’s not the devices that we are marketing, it is the military grade security protocols that ensure an identity match that is the real breakthrough that the defense department and the cryptocurrency exchanges are really interested in.  TWIST updated identity, key messages and built a sales platform to support the technology.

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