Only Hoover has it.

We are Hoover and our legacy of quality makes us the future of cleaning.

When you do something for over a century you get pretty good at it. Since 1906 the Hoover company has stood shoulder to shoulder with the American Family. We’ve been there, with you, helping you. Around the globe families know that Hoover is not just a noun, it’s a verb. Hoover is about doing and getting things done. It’s about the feeling of a clean home and doing right by the ones you love. We believe that everything we do is about elevating quality of life for families. That idea is a part of every vacuum we’ve ever made and vital to every product we will ever imagine.

We removed the cord & kept everything else.

“TWIST clarified the Hoover platform in order to market our evolved
line as both the past and the future of home vacuuming. Their help on both the consumer side and our pitches to our distributors and retailers had dramatic impact on sales.”

— Brian Kirkendall, Sr. VP of Marketing

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