"It's like being born on an island without bridges or boats & everything you need is across the water."

Throwing down the gauntlet on a region's economic future and a magical activation that connects problems to problem solvers.

The Fund for Our Economic Future has a focus on helping Northeast Ohio become a more resilient economy capable of solving old underserved problems with new ideas. As their experts looked at the growth sectors in the region’s economy they detected a lot of unsustainable growth. Seeing the region at a crossroads The Fund’s leadership came to TWIST to develop a device and a strategy that would sound the alarm bell and create a plan to educate public and private leadership on what needed to change. TWIST worked with the data and technical copy and translated it into the Two Tomorrows Report.

“When you partner with Twist, you get high-caliber work that breaks through the noise. And, ultimately, is effective. Twists branding, design and concept creation are top-notch. Twist stands by its work and doesn’t compromise its standards or bold vision. At the same time, the team is beyond professional and responsive. We’re happy to have found a great design and thought partner in Twist, who can help push us in the most rewarding ways and elevate our work.” Sara McCarthy, Fund for our Economic Future

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