Because he would do it for me.

Meet the pet insurance company who loves people.

Pets don’t buy pet insurance, yet it seems that Embrace’s competitors are sometimes marketing around the people. Our message was real world and considerate of the fact that vet bills can sometimes lead to a very hard decision, one no one should face. Embrace empowers customers to be able to give the best quality medical care without having to sacrifice their own well-being. Embrace is a quality-of-life company who never forgets that people are our real customers.

Because the best care beats budget care every time. TWIST built b2b campaigns to bring more shelters and vet offices into the Embrace family.

TWIST built a campaign of illustrated pet and pet parent pairs to express the mutual benefit of the person pet relationship.

“Our breakthrough moment came from talking with real pet parents about their “Sophie’s Choice” moment when they had to decide between vital and expensive surgery and their bills. We knew we had found this brand’s reason for being.” — Mike Ozan, chief creative officer

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