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It’s simple. Everyone’s home has a roof and no one has any idea of the state it’s in until it leaks. At that moment, it is critical to have a reputation that is known, trusted and has a lead generation system that makes it easy and reassuring to interact with. Campopiano Roofing is a family business began by twin brothers who turned their craft into a sophisticated sales and marketing operation. Their barrier was awareness and brand perception. The TWIST team of strategists, writers, designers, media planners and public relations specialists went to work — first by officially shortening the company name to its nickname and url Campo and We then went to work building a messaging strategy and telling the stories of both the first and second generations of family leadership.

Additionally, we separated the companies commercial and consumer sides so that we could target messaging directly to facility managers, property owners and management companies. As CampoPro, the brand is able to do that seamlessly.

Our first campaign increased lead volume by 400% for April (the biggest lead month of the year) year over year. The brand continues to grow with our team’s support

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“The team at TWIST extracted things about us that we thought were common. By helping us and our customers see our differentiation, the design aspect of the communications gave us and customers confidence.”

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