Communicating a Refined Focus for a Foundation that Honors Its Founders

In 2014, The Eva & Joseph Bruening Foundation’s board refined the focus of the quarter-century old grantmaking foundation to focus all of its energy on organizations who disrupt the consequences of poverty on a young child’s brain development.

Fifty-four percent of Cleveland children live in poverty. We now know that economic adversity experienced early in life may compromise brain development, health and earnings over a lifetime. The ages between 0-3 are the crisis years. This short window of time is our opportunity to disrupt the consequences of poverty — both for the potential of the child and the continued success of our city.

For the future of each child, for the future of Cleveland, what we do today matters.

“If we wish to live in a great city, we must do everything within our power today to reduce the impact of poverty on our youngest citizens.” – Eva L. Bruening

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