Chris Oldham 05.06.17

We believe that advertising is a conversation. We would like you to help us prove it. (That's why we made the billboards.)

Today the average American consumer is interrupted by upwards of 3000 advertising messages everyday. That’s an enormous amount of information, so much so, that we tend to blanketly reject most messages. But we at TWIST believe that good advertising is a conversation and any good conversation needs a conversation starter.

“Consumers haven’t lost interest, it’s advertisers who start every conversation with an ‘overshare’ that is rejected at first blush. These billboards are a mental palate cleanser. They let the viewer be confused, they let them become curious.”

– Michael Ozan, TWIST CEO.

So if you’re here then you are curious. Right?

The billboards are designed to exhibit the idea that if you want to have a conversation with an audience you have to start it and you should start it elegantly with taste, wonder and mystique. There is no better role for outdoor billboards than sparking an interest and simply suggesting a “want.”

Please aid us in our experiment. Answer the questions below and help us keep the conversation moving forward.

If we can demonstrate the real power of simplicity and suggestion then maybe we can begin to declutter both the physical and digital over-messaged landscape.

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