Cookie Dough for the Health Conscious has to be The Best Snack Ever Invented.

Real Cookie Dough Bars, Real Ingredients.

TWIST helped to create the Whoa! Dough brand as part of the agency’s focus on small batch consumer brands. The TWIST team built and managed the brand’s launch and is guiding the brand’s expansion as it becomes adopted by national retailers. “We chose to work with the TWIST team to build out our brand platform and key messaging structure,” founder Todd Goldstein said. “They’ve really helped us create a solid foundation that represents our values to both our retailers and customers.” TWIST authored the brand positioning, the product messaging, designed the logo and the packaging for the Whoa! Dough bars. The team also built promotional campaigns and managed the brand’s social media and public relations.

"We identified our audience as 'Lessertarians' (a consumer persona created at TWIST)," Mike Ozan, CEO and Chief Creative Officer. "The beauty of this category is that it touches the middle of health-conscious eaters. Most of us do not want to be 'free' (sugar-free, fat-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, grain-free … you get the point), but we want to consume much less of the things that we see as detrimental to our health."

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