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The new TWIST Creative Inc. identity system is designed to easily respond to its environment. Today, identity systems not only need to condense to a business card and scale up to a truck or plane. Logos are now required to shrink to fit on a mobile ad that measures less than a quarter inch in height; they must work on social media and display ads, paid search results and on and on.

So can one logo do all of those jobs? No. Identity systems are elements that provide adaptation for brand identities to the multitude of things they are tasked with.

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“As an agency, we obviously know the importance of the way you present yourself as a business to the world through your visual identity and branding. This project has been an opportunity for us to collaborate together, think critically with our leadership team and understand both our past and future.” — TWIST Design Team


Led by Connie Ozan, Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer, the design team worked collaboratively to expand our identity system, color palette and typography to represent who we are today: Cleveland’s scrappy, counter-culturalists who fearlessly fight for our deserving challenger brand clients.


“We pursued a design vision of 'friendly disruptor.' A visual language of complementary elements that can harmonize in a broad variety of ways to meet the fast turn around demands of daily business while maintaining its integrity easily. To achieve this we built a system of elements that go together no matter how you arrange them. This creates zero probability for a wrong answer. Our color palettes were inspired by our trend studies and are intended to feel current and welcoming while staying slightly off the beaten path. With an attitude inspired by late '70s punk rock and early '80s rap, the TWIST identity lives in a world governed by few rules and that’s what makes it sexy.” — Connie Ozan, Chief Design Officer


A rapidly adaptable identity system is essential to building brand enthusiasm, loyalty and love across the ever expanding landscape of digital and emerging channels. Often it makes sense to maintain some or much of the equity in the existing logo mark. TWIST’s strength is in managing and transitioning brand value into a system that is easy to manage by internal teams while improving the brand image’s ability to impress, attract and seduce customers.

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