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In advance of capital improvements to Southwest General’s maternity and delivery facilities, TWIST was charged with increasing awareness of the Women’s Health Practice among women and influencers within Southwest General’s target geography.

As a community health center, Southwest General is focused on meeting the health needs unique to patients within the communities it serves. TWIST conducted consumer research and built personas. Through those conversations with both patients and care providers, TWIST discovered one of the greatest desires of doctors is earlier disclosure of symptoms, but patients report a lack of comfort with these disclosures.

Patients put off health concerns because of inconvenience, embarrassment or fear. These barriers to preventive health can be removed by reminding women at Southwest General that you’re among friends.

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Women’s Health Campaign Hypothesis 

If the key to early detection, treatment, and diagnosis is disclosure, Southwest General has a unique advantage over competitors that can be brought forward. That differentiation is familiarity.

As a community hospital serving the community for a century, Southwest General is not only known by the audience; it has most likely been a contributor to their life story. TWIST believes the mission of the women’s health practice is early detection, treatment, and maternity services that is best achieved by leveraging familiarity. As this leads to comfort, comfort leads to disclosure, disclosure leads to intervention, and an improvement in quality of life for the individual and those who depend and love them, improving the community.

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“TWIST Creative has provided Southwest General with innovative approaches to marketing in order to increase customer use. They help us rise above the background advertising noise.”

– Albert Matyas, Vice President, Ambulatory Operations & Business Development

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