Can you see it?

Reclaim your relationships. Reclaim you.

During COVID-19, the effects of the pandemic were more than anticipated. 

Many Americans faced behavioral health crises including addiction, depression and anxiety. TWIST partnered with Southwest General to build out a campaign to reach those in Northeast Ohio who were struggling to get help for a disease that many cannot see.

In addition to targeting the person impacted by the disease, TWIST built a campaign to target influencers. Often those closest — family, friends, co-workers, can see the impact of mental health disorders, but are unsure how to best address the situation at hand. That’s where the professionals at Oakview come in — helping to determine what treatment is best. 

The Fearless Thinkers developed a fully integrated campaign that ensures that those impacted by mental or behavioral health disorders are treated with love, dignity and compassion. The campaign targets those throughout Northeast Ohio through a digital campaign, including OTT streaming TV, digital ads, social media marketing and a public relations campaign highlighting physicians, services, and treatment options for those who are suffering.


“TWIST Creative has provided Southwest General with innovative approaches to marketing in order to increase customer use. They help us rise above the background advertising noise.”

– Albert Matyas, Vice President, Ambulatory Operations & Business Development

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