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How do you make faith-based Catholic health care relevant in a technology-based society? That was the question we asked ourselves as TWIST Creative began working on building a new brand for the 156-year-old Sisters of Charity Health System. A visionary, faith based, grant making foundation, Sisters of Charity focuses its funding on the invention of opportunities which alleviate poverty, right disparities and offer dignity to Cleveland residents.

5 hospitals, 3 foundations, 6 outreach communities $43 MILLION IN COMMUNITY BENEFIT

“TWIST has helped reposition and reintroduce a hospital to the Cleveland market, rebrand the entire health system, design and launch several websites, help negotiate the brand through joint ventures and acquisitions of other practices, as well as consult in an ongoing capacity regarding community outreach.”

— Heather Stoll, VP, External Affairs

Identity, messaging and strategy bolstered the quality perception of the health system and foundation as faith-based health organizations.

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