An Embassy, not a Monastery.

Over the past 50 years, the Saint Ignatius brand had become fragmented, full of personal iterations and dozens of rogue identities.

The population of greater Cleveland is changing and the leading indicators are pointing to an enrollment challenge, not today but most likely in the coming decade. If St. Ignatius does not act proactivily, it will find itself facing some hard choices. The canary in the coal mine is the parochial school network. Cleveland’s population is shifting, and the parochial schools are experiencing challenges. These schools never had to work to communicate their unique value before, today they do. St. Ignatius hired TWIST to solve tomorrow’s problem today.

The leadership of St. Ignatius is guided by faith, wisdom and a bold, thoughtful outlook. This school, which was built by the hands of the blue-collar tradesmen whose sons later filled its halls, still stands on the exact spot where they laid the first bricks in the early 1880s.

“We hired TWIST to deliver a highly functional and beautiful brand system which honors our legacy, preserves sacred icons, communicates to future generations and blasts us into the 21st century.”

— Rev. William J. Murphy, S.J., President

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