That’s so Reagan. The Fearless Thinkers Mash Up CLE with RNC.

In early 2016, the team at TWIST sat down to figure out how we could celebrate the historic significance of the 2016 RNC and position Cleveland as a city on the rise. We created a nonpartisan system of visual elements and messaging that could be applied by media in support of editorial and by local businesses and individuals as a part of their social media personas. TWIST partnered with out-of-home advertiser, Lamar Advertising Company, which featured the campaign on 30 of its billboards throughout the city, and with Fresh Brewed Tees to create Limited Edition RNC Tees that are being sold at its airport location and online store.

The campaign’s nonpartisan political cartoon style imagined our RNC visitor as a stranger in a strange land experiencing Cleveland through fresh eyes.

A bold, colorful and uniquely Cleveland set of visuals became a backdrop to the action thanks to our media partner Lamar outdoor.

“The RNC is about Cleveland and its rise. It’s inspiring for us so we created the campaign in order to dress the city in a welcoming, youthful and fresh spirit that reflects our city’s world view.” Mike Ozan, TWIST CEO

We don’t have to follow the rules, were not working for the RNC. Our content campaign can be fun.

“We directed this campaign at the millenial visitor and local. Candidate aside, a convention is one gigantic party. If you think all of those young aides and journalists are conservative partiers you’d be wrong.”

Our open source philosophy allowed local business and individuals to RNC their social.

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