A love of Judaism, a respect for all.

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A game-changing gift came with a change in name for Agnon, a small Jewish day school with a big vision.

The TWIST team began with brand language that would preserve equity, add clarity, and instill confidence in the change amongst stakeholders.

Bright minds. Full hearts.
Adopting a 21st century brand position. 

Where students prepare to meet the world by knowing who they are and how they will contribute. Only Mandel JDS offers the rigorous academics of a top-level private school and best-in-class educators with a unity-based, 21st Century Jewish education. At Mandel, JDS students are nurtured to strengthen their abilities while inspired to embrace a Jewish worldview that is diverse, positive, and uniquely theirs.

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“TWIST guided us through name transition, identity development, and relaunch. The work has inspired and supported the school’s transition in ways that have led to growth and differentiation that will impact for generations.”

— Mandel Jewish Day School


This is a place where students love being Jewish. Here we celebrate self expression — where text, language, and the arts are defining characteristics of each student’s experience. Here heritage is handed down from parent to child and from teacher to student. This is a place where lifelong friendships are made. Here our shared Jewish heritage is celebrated and individual value is proclaimed.

— Mandel JDS Brand Story

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