surrounded by sanctuary

Light a Candle and Defy a Noisy World.

L’or De Seraphine is a new home goods line that has the intention of making high interior style available to young professional women at a very accessible price point.

The line launched with candles whose keepsake ceramic containers are graced with the pattern work of renowned artists, patternmakers, wallpaper and decor designers that gives established artists a new medium for their work.

The Brand Story Authored by TWIST:

Take refuge from the outside world and find your sanctuary. L’or de Seraphine is a whisper, it’s a kiss. It’s a cozy sweater on a rainy day.

It’s Paris in the Springtime.

Presented in ceramic containers designed with the patterns and color palettes of internationally awarded design houses, L’or de Seraphine makes home fragrances for every woman who seeks to express their personal style and beautiful spirit through the ambiance and design of their home. We believe in the mystical power a candle’s light and fragrance have to calm us and reconnect our hearts and souls and heal our spirits. Our rich tranquil fragrances are a love letter to the natural world and an homage to the joyful and sweet sentiments they evoke. L’or de Seraphine fills your world with a poetic ambiance that tells the story of you, your intellect and your home.

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You're a design lover on a budget. L'or de Seraphine is here for you. Cosmopolitan sophistication for your space with naturally derived fragrances that really take you somewhere.

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