Discover the Power of Film.

For 39 years, the Cleveland International Film Festival has developed a leading reputation for engaging its audiences with independent film.

The film festival circuit can tend to be filled with layers that either separate audiences from the filmmakers or ostracize potential attendees by making them feel as though the festival is only for independent film buffs. The Cleveland International Film Festival has strived for decades to differentiate itself as a festival all about independent film and the truly diverse community of people who appreciate films of all types.

TWIST helped increase CIFF patronage by more than 120% during our more than nine-year partnership.

No matter how many films an attendee actual sees, TWIST’s goal has been to expose the impact and value of the CIFF experience to everyone who attends.

“In addition to contributing to this unprecedented growth of our organization, TWIST has provided us with expert counsel and creativity that have helped to elevate the overall value of the Cleveland International Film Festival brand locally, nationally, and internationally.”

—Marcie Goodman, Executive Director

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