A New Generation of Agency Leadership

Mike Ozan 06.04.21

Charlene Coughlin named President of TWIST.

TWIST Founders Connie & Mike Ozan are proud to announce the promotion of Charlene Coughlin to President of the agency.

“Charlene has been a critical part of our agency’s success from her first day. Moving forward, Charlene will have a direct hand in shaping the vision and steering the ship of our agency. It’s a time of change and we are so excited that this change will not only improve our business, it will allow Connie and I to spend more time innovating for clients and mentoring our staff of writers and designers.”

– Mike Ozan, CEO and Chief Creative Officer

Charlene joined the Fearless Thinkers in 2014 after holding leadership and management positions at both advertising and nonprofit agencies. Today, as President, Charlene will build and manage marketing programs, client experience initiatives and partner networks while overseeing the daily operations of the Cleveland agency known nationally for its ability to help challenger brands find success.

Charlene is a member of the Adweek Executive Mentee Class of ’20. Committed to causes that improve the quality of life for Cleveland families, Charlene serves as a member of the Providence House Cleveland Board of Directors and is the External Relations Chair. Charlene has also recently been appointed to the board of her Alma Mater, Lutheran West High School.

“I knew that becoming a member of the TWIST team would give me the opportunity to develop my leadership skills and career path,” said Charlene when speaking about her move to the smaller agency in 2014. “I also knew that I was joining an agency that had opportunities to grow and develop in a way that was unlike other agencies in Cleveland.”

Since 2014, Charlene has gained the trust of TWIST’s clients and owners and demonstrated that she has a dynamic quality that brings problem solvers together and streamlines processes, timelines and budgets in a way that guides our clients success. She has the capability and experience to advise both regional and global marketing teams.

“Our thinking here is simple. For years, we have been refining the agency to allow Mike and I to do what we do best: write, problem solve, consult, mentor and design.”

— Connie Ozan, Chief Brand Officer

Mike Ozan remains CEO & Chief Creative Officer, while Connie Ozan’s title will he updated to Chief Brand Officer in a unique leadership configuration that the team has described as Navigator, Driver and Standard Bearer.

Now as President of TWIST Creative Inc., Charlene’s key role will be to safeguard and advance the business, its relationships, culture and contributions. Charlene will also continue to build and grow relationships on behalf of the agency.

“I’m thankful and excited about the trust that Connie & Mike have put in me as we look forward to the next chapter in TWIST’s history. I’m confident in our leadership team’s ability to be prepared for the next phase of what the agency-client relationship looks like and believe that this team can accomplish great things for our clients, agency, partners and the city of Cleveland.”

— Charlene Coughlin, President

Please join the Fearless Thinkers in congratulating Charlene.

“I joined TWIST in 2013, about a year before Charlene came on board. In the seven years we’ve worked together, I’ve watched her launch big ideas, perfect our processes, deliver for clients and push our agency forward. Never one to shy from a challenge, she’s quick to dig in and tackle the hard stuff – whether internal or external. She’s perfect for this position and TWIST is lucky to have her in the role – I’m excited to see what Charlene gets us into next!”

– Stefanie D’Angelo, Director of Operations

“There is no one more dedicated to the care and nurturing of the TWIST brand. Charlene’s focus on industry best practices, impeccable client service delivery and the development of new business products will continue to bring strength to TWIST’s offering.”

– Nancy Hill, Founder of Media Sherpas

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