Charlene Coughlin Becomes Equity Partner

TWIST Creative Inc. 12.09.22

First President, Now Partner

TWIST Creative, Inc. is proud to announce that Charlene Coughlin has joined the company’s founders as an equity partner of the brand agency she now leads as president.

“Her achievements are many, her networks are strong, her ideas win, and her heart is always in the right place. It is for these reasons Connie and I are so proud to have Charlene not only as the company’s president but as our partner.”

— Michael Ozan, Co-Founder, CEO, Chief Creative Officer

We’ve achieved a great milestone with this announcement as it celebrates our next generation of growth.

Since joining TWIST in 2014, Charlene has demonstrated excellence with her expertise, true commitment to clients, and an unwavering dedication to our agency’s core values.

Charlene is more than an advertising professional. She is a dynamic connector and ambitious business leader who has raised the profile of the agency, as well as the profile of Cleveland as a resource for national brands looking for new perspectives.

As a 2020 Adweek Executive Mentee, Charlene uses her platform to share those values with industry professionals across the country. She has worked with marketing teams from the nation’s fastest growing brands to address workplace equity and gender issues within the advertising industry.

“There is no ceiling at TWIST. Just like our work knows no bounds, Charlene has risen through the ad world with courage and hard work. There are no limits to her success.”

— Connie Ozan, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Charlene embraces the culture of collaboration and compassion. She has developed a sophisticated business model that sets our team — and clients — on a path towards sustainable growth.

This partnership is indicative of Mike and Connie’s commitment to growth — of the agency, of our team, and of the brands we serve. Our unified approach is uniquely TWIST, and I am grateful for this opportunity.

— Charlene Coughlin, Partner & President

With Charlene’s appointment, Cleveland’s Brand Agency can continue to stand up for our community, our clients, our team, and our values.

“When you find someone strong who works hard, learns fast, and dedicates themself to the success of your vision, you want to see how much you can accomplish together,” Michael says.

There’s no question advertising is rapidly changing. As a trailblazer, Charlene is ready to serve the unique needs of our clients today and champion a more inclusive industry tomorrow.

Please join us in congratulating Charlene!

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