Connie Ozan 27.02.18

Opulence: When more really is more : A trend to watch.

“Opulence” – grandeur, luxury, beauty and fine details.  As a designer and trend aficionado, I’m seeing opulence making its way back into fashion, interiors, design, advertising and entertainment. Beautifully handcrafted crown moldings juxtaposed to clean lines in cabinetry and countertops are the new look in kitchens for 2018. Gorgeous shades of metallic gold are being introduced everywhere in interior finishes as well printing techniques. Shiny and matte gold tones can be found from a simple desk lamp, to faucet designs and gold foil stamping in print. Opulence isn’t just about the grandeur, it’s about making dreams and fantasies come alive. Romantic florals and magical birds will be adorning the walls of homes this year in new wallpapers and murals.

As far as entertainment and advertising, who can get enough of “The Crown” on Netflix or “The Phantom Thread” with Daniel Day Louis?  As Americans, we are mesmerized by dressing the Royal family and seeing their palatial estates. Gowns, robust colors, jewels, ornate gilded furniture and even the British accent. It is truly magical. Even corporations like Culligan Water are adding magic in their new advertising campaign “As You Wish”… created by Fallon.

Inconceivable! Culligan Man Takes Backseat To Princess Bride’s Cary Elwes
By Adrianne Pasquarelli. Published on January 05, 2018.

So ladies, open up your jewelry box, because more really is more. Don’t be afraid to wear those oversized glam earrings with a simple t-shirt and ripped jeans. Why shouldn’t YOU feel like a queen? As designers, artists and like-minded creatives, we just can’t help but admire and love these timeless qualities.







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